List of Members of Board of Governors


Government Nominees
  1. Prof. K. Gopakumar, Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (DESE), Formerly CEDT, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Chairman.
  2. Dr. Elizabeth Elias, Professor, Dept. Electronics and Communication NIT Calicut.
  3. Dr. R. Radhakrishna Pillai, Professor, IIM Kozhikode
Institutional Nominees
  1. Dr. Byjubai T.P., Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  2. Dr. Gigi Sebastian, Head of the Department, Chemical Engineering
AICTE Nominee
  1. Prof. Joseph Alexander, Professor, Cochin University of Science and Technology.
  1. Sri.K.T. Thomas, Managing Director, “MILMA”, Kozhikode
State Government Officials
  1. Additional Secretary/ Joint secretary to government (Finance Dept.) (Ex- Officio)
  2. Additional Secretary/ Joint secretary to government (Higher Education Dept.) (Ex- Officio)
Director of Technical Education (Ex- Officio) Dr. K.P. Indira Devi, Director of Technical Education, Govt. of Kerala
Principal of College (Ex- Officio) Dr. Sheeba V.S. Principal, Govt. Engineering college Kozhikode