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An alumni association has been formed in this institution under the name GECKA. The association will cater to the needs of all the passed out students of this institution.

Members: Any person that have completed graduation/post graduation from GEC Kozhikode is an ordinary member of the GECK Alumni association.

Office Bearers

              Office Bearers (Elected at the Meeting held on 13-06-2021)
 1.  President  Fasal Rahman (2004 ME)
 2.  General Secretary  Prof. Shyja M (2006 CH)
 3.  Treasurer  Prof. Aparna A M (2012 CH)
 4.  Organizing Secretary  Harshid K (2006 CH)
 5.  Vice president  Shahana M A (2004 CH)
 6.  Vice president  Hashim Mohammed (2005 AE)
 7.  Vice president  Yusef C T (2007 ME)
 8.  Secretary  Krishna Gopal (2005 CH)
 9.  Secreatry  Maneesh K R (2010 ME)


Advisory Board Members

 No.  Name  Designation
 1.  Prof. Priyaja K V  Associate Profeesor (AE&I)
 2.  Prof. Abdul Jaleel N  Assistant Professor (AE&I)
 3.  Prof. Nasma Noor N V  Assistant Professor (CE)
 4.  Prof. Arun Shal U B  Assistant Professor (ME)


The feelings of a friendship adhere themselves to our bones.

They bring you joy and comfort as the passing years unfold. Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.

The most beautiful discovery that friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart!
Cheers to such friendships that we are eagerly waiting to witness in Alumni Meet 2022 this 8th May, 2022.

The sight will be enthralling. Just a few days to go!

Till then, hurry up, and register yourself!

For registration please click the link below

Alumni meet: NostalGECK Registration Link

For GECK Alumni membership registration, click the link below

GECK Alumni membership Registration link



Unleash your creative skills with NostalGECK. Create a reel to wish our prestigious event NostalGECK is scheduled on 8th May 2022.

All alumni members, their families and students of GECK can participate in the competition.

Maximum duration - 1 minute

Share your entries via WhatsApp number +91 7510560278 before 20 April 2022.

Whatsapp contact link:


GECK GLOBAL WALK - Together Towards NostalGECK

Dear GECKians

Join the Global Walk by GECK Alumni, make your steps towards the Global Alumni Meet on 08 May 2022.

GECK GLOBAL WALK - Together Towards NostalGECK

03 APRIL 2022

All members are  requested to walk around 5k steps with their friends and family and share your GECK WALK photos on your social media along with the following #hashtags



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