The Chemical Engineering Department offers academic programmes leading to B.Tech and M.Tech in Computer Aided Process Design. Several academic and co-curricular activities are organized every year to bring up the department as a Centre of Excellence. The faculty members are specialized in Process Control, Plant design, Polymer and Environmental Engineering.

The academic activities are supported by Chemical technology, Environmental Engineering, Mass Transfer Operations, Fluid Mechanics, Particle Technology, Heat Transfer, Process Control and Chemical Reaction Engineering laboratories. A very imaginative and meticulously-planned curriculum, designed to meet the requirements of the industry, helps the students to face the global challenges. It provides the students with analytically and innovative skills to solve various types of industrial problems.

To be an internationally renowned centre of excellence that moulds professionally competent and socially committed Chemical Engineers.
Provide a high-quality education that builds solid foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of Chemical Engineering in tune with needs of industry and society and to enhance knowledge through research.


Dr.Mary Lubi C.
Ph D (Polymer)
Professor Luby
Dr.Renjanadevi B.
Ph D (Polymer)
Professor and Head of the Department renjana
Dr.Gigi Sebastian
Ph D (Process Control)
Associate Professor Gigi
Dr.Ushakumary E.R.
Ph D (Environmental Engineering)
Associate Professor Usha
Dr. Beula C.
Ph D (Reaction Engineering)
Assistant Professor Beula
Smt.Sindhu N.
Assistant Professor Sindhu
Smt.Binu T.V.
Assistant Professor  binu
Dr. Praseetha P. Nair
Ph D (Polymer Nanocomposites)
Assistant Professor  praseetha
Smt.Suma K.
Assistant Professor Suma
Dr. Mercy Anna Philip
Ph D (Nanocomposite Technology)
Assistant Professor Mercy
Smt. Sajitha C.M.
Assistant Professor Sajitha
Smt. Syama S.
Assistant Professor Syama
Smt. Suji S.K.
M. Tech.
Assistant Professor  Suji
Smt. Sachitra K.
M. Tech.
Assistant Professor SACHITHRA
Smt. Shyja M.

M. Tech.
Assistant Professor Shyja
Sri. Dhaneesh K.P.
Assistant Professor Dhaneesh
Smt. Surya Ramakrishnan
Assistant Professor surya
Smt. Aswathi C.P.
Assistant Professor  aswathy

Technical Staff

Smt. Shantija Rajendran M.K. Instructor Grade I  shantija
Sri. HarishKumar P.V. Instructor Grade II  Hareesh
Smt. Manila P.M. Instructor Grade II Manila
Sri. Krishnan Karadan Trade Instructor Grade I  karadan
Smt. Geetha M. Trade Instructor  Geetha
Sri. Bijoy M. Trade Instructor  Bijoy
Sri. Jineesh V.C. Trade Instructor  Jineesh
Sri. Rajagopalan P.M. Tradesman  Rajagopal
Smt. Bijina K.P. Tradesman  Bijina
Smt. Anaswara Tradesman  anaswra


  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy



chem2 chem3 chem4


National Workshop on Molecular Characterization Techniques



collage 2


National Conference on Innovations in Chemical Process and Technology on 30th to 31st October 2015.

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Chemical Engineering Association Activities

1. Inauguration of the activites of ACES 2013-14 by Sri.Suresh Kumar.P.K(secretary,IIChe Kochi chapter) on 10-10-2013.
2. Technical Quiz on Chemical Engineering on 10-10-2013
3. Training on LATEX in association with IEEE,GEC Kozhikode Chapter on 10-10-2013.
4. Industrial visit for 1 st year students on 11-02-2014 to VKC,Kozhikode.
5. Industrial visit for 2 nd year students on 18-01-2014 to MILMA,Kozhikode.
6. Industrial training for a group of 3 rd year students to FACT,Kochi.
7. Online competition ‘Labyrinth’ in the month of February.
8. Website for ‘Association for chemical Engineering Students’ launched on 20-02-2014.Web site address:aces.geckkd.ac.in