The Civil Engineering Department offers academic programs leading to B.Tech. The Department has 12 faculty members, 270 UG students. The faculty members are specialized in Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Transportation Engineering.

The academic activities are supported by Material Testing, Strength of Materials, Geotehnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Survey and CAD laboratories. The faculty has been active in offering consultancy services to industries and conducting and attending courses regularly to facilitate the continuing education.

Realm of professionalism for ethically strong and technically competent civil engineers with global perspective.
  • Provide value education to mould civil engineers of high caliber and ethical values to serve society and nation.
  • Establish thriving educational environment to prepare the students for global competence.
  • Provide technical expertise and consultancy services to community in the domain of civil engineering.
  • Promote industry interactions coupled with research and development


Programme Educational Objectives

In their early careers, the graduates of the CE department will be expected to

  1. Apply their knowledge and skills as effective and productive civil engineers to enable sustainable growth of the community
  2. Work and communicate effectively in order to develop practical, technically-sound and cost-effective solutions to civil engineering problems in an international scenario.
  3. Enhance self-confidence, ability to make proper decisions, and adhere to professional ethics
  4. Pursue lifelong learning to keep themselves conversant with latest development in their fields of practice or study.
Program Specific Outcomes
  1. Knowledge of Contemporary issues : Demonstrate the knowledge of contemporary issues in the field of Civil Engineering
  2. Safety awareness : Recognize and implement various safety measures required in civil engineering projects.
  3. Philanthropic activities: Recognize the need for getting involved in solving problems of community and empathetically react on humanitarian grounds.



Dr. Anjana Santhakumar
PhD, M.Tech
Associate Professor  Anjana
Mrs. Sreelekha M.G. 
Associate Professor  Sreekala
Dr. Kouzer K.M.Head of the Department

Ph D, M.E.

Associate Professor Kouzer
Mr. Abdul Raoof A
Assistant Professor Abdul Rauf
Mrs. Sreela P.K.
Associate Professor IMG_20170210_195755 (1)
Dr. Ragesh P.P.
Ph D, M.Tech.
Associate Professor Ragesh
Mr. Ansu V.
Assistant Professor Ansu
Dr. Raghukumar C.
Ph D, M.Tech.
Assistant Professor  RK
Mr. Dileep Kumar P.G.
Assistant Professor Dileep
Dr. Muhamed Safeer Pandikkadavath
P hd, M.Tech.
Assistant Professor  safeer photo
Ms. Bindia M
Assistant Professor  Bindia
Ms. Aswathy R.
Assistant Professor  Aswathy photo
Ms. Soumya Kamal
Assistant Professor  Soumya photo
Ms. Archana Sajith O.
Assistant Professor  Archana photo
Ms. Athira P.O.
Assistant Professor  Athira photo

Technical Staff

Mr. Shajeer Rahiman A Trade Instructor  Shajeer
Mrs. Sayuja Kumari T. Trade Instructor Sayuja
Mr. Jayarajan Tradesman Jayarajan
Mr. Gireesh Kumar O Tradesman Gireesh
Mrs. Sunisha M.K Tradesman Sunisha
Ms. Rishana E.A. Tradesrman  Rishana



          Major Equipments Purchased In The Department Under TeqIP




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  • S8 RESULT (CU) – 94.0 %
  • S7 RESULT (CU) – 89.6 %
  • S6 RESULT (CU) – 73.1 %
  • S5 RESULT (CU) – 88.2 %
  • S4 RESULT (CU) – 81.2 %
  • S3 RESULT (CU) – 72.5 %
  • S1S2 RESULT (CU) – 91.4 %


  • S4 RESULT – 65.1 %
  • S3 RESULT – 55.6 %
  • S2 RESULT – 76.4 %
  • S1 RESULT – 92.7 %

Programs Organized By Department

      • Short Term Training Programme on “Advances in Design of Structures” during 12th – 17th December 2011.
      • Short Term Training Programme on “Infrastructure Development – Advances and Challenges” during 19th – 23rd March 2013.
      • Short Term Training Programme on “Geotechnical Engineering Challenges” during 2nd – 7th September 2013.
      • Workshop on “Surveying using Total Station” during 25th – 27th September 2014.
      • Short Term Training Programme on “Sustainability and Modern Construction Practices” during 12th – 17th January 2015

Other Achievements

      • IV Rank in Calicut University for Darshana O. in 2012.
      • GATE All India rank of 129 for Rohan Bhasker in 2012.
      • Won 1st prize in the Paper Presentation, 1st prize in the Best Engineer Cotest and 2nd prize in Project Modelling in a National Level Technical Symposium organized by Anna University of Technology, Tamil Nadu by Darshana O., Kumkuma I.P., and Harith K.H.
      • University Examination Results published in 2014-2015 :
        S1S2 – 86.4% (2013 Admission)
        S3 – 80.6% & S4 – 91.0% (2012 Admission)
        S5 – 91.2% & S6 – 91.2% (2011 Admission)
        S7 – 75% & S8 – 87.0% (2010 Admission)


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