Welcome to Electronics Engineering Department

The Electronics Engineering Department offers quality education to both undergraduate and post graduate level.The Dept. started in 1999 with B-tech in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation. Later in 2012 the dept. has increased its capacity by starting a B.Tech programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a M.tech in Signal Processing. The Department has highly qualified and committed faculty members. There are around 400 students including UG and PG. The faculty members are specialized in Signal Processing, Embedded system, Digital Communication,VLSI Design etc.
The academic activities are supported by Electronic circuits,Process control Instrumentation,Analog Communication,Linear Integrated Circuits,Microprocessor & Micro controller and DSP Laboratories. The faculty has been active in offering consultancy services to industries and conducting and attending courses regularly to facilitate the continuing education.

To emerge as a centre of excellence in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, providing quality education and research opportunities for the advancement of society and mankind.
    • Dedicate and commit ourselves to achieve, sustain and foster unmatched excellence in engineering education.
    • Pursue continuous development of infrastructure and enhance the laboratories with state of the art equipment.
    • Provide our students a technologically updated and intellectually inspiring environment of learning, research, innovation and creativity.
    • Instill ethical and moral values in students.
Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1. Graduates with sound knowledge and core competence.

PEO 2. Graduates with professional outlook.

PEO 3. Graduates with better employability in the field of electronics.

PEO 4. Graduates with desire to learn and do research in the field of electronics.

PEO 5. Graduates who can be good entrepreneurs.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO 1. Graduates proficient in building complex electronic instrumentation systems.

PSO 2. Graduates who can optimize the control systems for industrial needs.

PSO 3. Instill add on skills in graduates.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1. Graduates with sound foundation in science and Technology.

PEO 2. Graduates with strong analytical and problem solving skills in electronics and communication engineering.

PEO 3. Graduates capable of using modern equipment and tools to solve multi-disciplinary problems.

PEO 4. Graduates aspiring for research and entrepreneurship.

PEO 5. Graduates with a desire for life long learning and commitment to society.

Program Specific Objectives (PSOs)

PSO 1. Graduates proficient in designing and developing complex electronic hardware and software components.

PSO 2. Graduates capable of meeting the challenges of modern data communication requirements.

PSO 3. Graduates instilled with the ability to adapt to the evolving professional environment in electronics and communication engineering.


Dr.Tara Raveendran
Ph D
E-mail: tara@geckkd@ac.in
Phone: 9447452653
Professor and Department Head Tara Raveendran
Dr. Shajee Mohan B.S.
Ph D
Associate Professor Shajee
Smt. Swapna G
M. Tech.
Associate Professor swapna2019
Sri. Premson Y
Associate Professor  scan0002
Smt.Rezuana Bai J
Associate Professor  Photo Rezuana
Sri. Brijmohan K.
Associate Professor  brijmohan
Smt. Priyaja. K.V
Associate Professor  Priyaja
Sri. Pradeep K.Bharatan
Assistant Professor  Pradeep Bharathan
Sri. Sunny T. D.
Assistant Professor  Sunny
Sri. Ahammed Muneer K.V.
Assistant Professor  Muneer
Smt. Bindima T.
Assistant Professor Bindima
Sri. Sreejith S.
Assistant Professor  sreejith
Sri. Baburaj M.
Assistant Professor  Babu Raj
Sri. Abdu Rahiman
Assistant Professor  Rahiman
Sri. Shantini K.S.
Assistant Professor  Santhini
Sri. Abdul Jaleel N.
Assistant Professor  Jaleel ECE
Sri. Sujith Kumar T.P.
Assistant Professor  Sujith
Sri. Jithesh C.P.
Assistant Professor  JitheshCP
Smt. Shilpi M.
Assistant Professor  shilpi
Smt. Anusha P.
Assistant Professor  Anusha
Smt. Deepa V.P.
Assistant Professor  Deepa
Smt. Anoosha P. Assistant Professor
Sri. Vineeth Kumar M.T.
Assistant Professor  Vineeth
Sri. Sabeeh Ahammed M.T.
Assistant Professor  sabeesh
Smt. Sruthi G.S.
Assistant Professor Sruthi
Smt. Jayasree T.C.
Assistant Professor  Jayasree
Smt. Anagha Sudhakar
Assistant Professor
Smt. Manju Lakshmi E.K.
Assistant Professor
Smt. Prakarsha C.
Assistant Professor  prakarsha
Smt. Chenchu
Assistant Professor
Sri. Binoy K.P.
Assistant Professor binoy
Smt. Sabna I.
Assistant Professor
Smt. Kasmeera K.S.
Assistant Professor  Kasmeera
Smt. Sreeraj S.
Assistant Professor  Sreeraj
Smt. Hymavathy K.P.
Assistant Professor  hyma
Smt. Marceen N.K.
Assistant Professor  mercen
Smt. Navya V.N.
Assistant Professor  Navya
Smt. Hannath P.
Assistant Professor


Technical Staff

Smt. Jojo V. Antony 1st Grade Instructor  AEI Staff Photos (2)
Kishor Kumar M.T. Trade Instructor   
Salma A. P.  Trade Instructor Sr. Gr.  IMG_20181011_0001
Sobhana M.  Trade Instructor  IMG-20190805-WA0013
Sudha K.  Trade Instructor  SUDHA.T
Sebi Augustin   Tradesman  sebi
Roshmi V.   Tradesman
Sethumadhavan    Tradesman
Sangeetha K.   Tradesman
Bindu K.   Tradesman
Robin Basil H.  AEI Staff Photos (1)


Programmable Logic Control StationProgrammable Logic Control Station

Power Electronics Lab

Power Electronics Lab

Power Supply

Powe Supply

Pneumatic Pressure Process Station

Pneumatic Pressure Process Station

Instrumentation Lab

Instrumentation Lab

Electronics Communication Lab

Electronics Communication Lab

Electronics Circuit Lab

Electronics Circuit Lab

DSO with Function Generator

DSO with Function Generator

Digital Signal Oscilloscope

Digital Signal Oscilloscope


Programs Organized By Department
    • Mr Deepak Aravind , Power System Engineer, GE , delivered a talk on Tidal Energy Conservation on 25th March 2017.
    • Dr Sivakumar K , Associate professor IIT Hyderabad delivered a talk on Power Electronic Converter for Microgrid on 23rd March 2017.
    • Dr Praveen Sankaran delivered a talk on Product Development for Image Enhancement on 7th October 2016 .
    • Organised TEQIP II sponsored National Conference on Emerging Trends in Technology – Signal Processing on 7 and 8 October 2016.
    • TEQIP II sponsored STTP on Content Management System from 8 -12 March 2016.
    • Short Term Training Program on Signal Processing and Pattern Analysis from 22nd Feb to 27th Feb 2016, sponsored by DTE.
    • Dr Jagadanand G, Assistant Professor, NIT Calicut, delivered a talk on Basics of Microcontroller and Embedded Systems on 07/03/2015 under Visiting Faculty Lecture.
    • Dr Kumaravel S, Assistant Professor, NIT Calicut, delivered a talk MATLAB Theory and Applications on 24/02/2015 under Visiting Faculty Lecture.
    • Prof. Sreekanth M , Assistant Professor, Jyothi Engineering College, Thrissur delivered a talk on Introduction to Robotics and Automation on 11/2/2015 and 12/2/2015 under Visiting Faculty Lecture.
    • Technical Staff Training Program on Computer Networking and Maintenance from 1-5 Dec 2014.
    • Short Term Training Programme on “Signal Processing and Pattern Analysis” during 13th – 19th march 2014.
    • Technical Staff Training Program on Computer Assembling and Trouble Shooting, from 27 – 31 October 2014.
    • Faculty Development Programme on “Role of Power Electronics in Energy Conservation” during 26th – 2nd March 2013.
    • Faculty Development Programme on “E-Waste management” during 12th – 16th march 2013.
    • Short Term Training Programme on “Digital System Design Using VHDL” during 19th – 21st October 2011.
    • Short Term Training Programme on “Signal Processing Techniques” during 13th – 18th September 2010.




Other Achievements
  • I Rank in Calicut University inApplied Electronics & Instrumentation for Deepak K.V. in 2012.
  • I Rank in Calicut University inApplied Electronics & Instrumentation for Adeeba Fathima V.T. in 2011.
  • III Rank in Calicut University inApplied Electronics & Instrumentation for Sreesha C. in 2011.
  • V Rank in Calicut University inApplied Electronics & Instrumentation for Radhika N.K. in 2011.
  • II Rank in Calicut University inApplied Electronics & Instrumentation for Aditi C. in 2010.
  • III Rank in Calicut University inApplied Electronics & Instrumentation for Neethu S.Nair. in 2010.
  • I Rank in Calicut University inApplied Electronics & Instrumentation for Gautham Manenbeth. in 2009.
  • III Rank in Calicut University inApplied Electronics & Instrumentation for Sajeesh K. in 2009.
  • III Rank in Calicut University inApplied Electronics & Instrumentation for Sandeep Satish. in 2008.
  • IV Rank in Calicut University inApplied Electronics & Instrumentation for Arun. N. in 2008.
  • V Rank in Calicut University inApplied Electronics & Instrumentation for Chitra Girish. in 2008

1) MOCK PLACEMENT conducted on 10/10/2013. A session on “Emloyability development program” was conducted by Adv. Dinesh and Mr. Niranjan(NIUL).Also classes were conducted on Group Discussion. Mock Interview was also conducted.
2) GENERAL QUIZ conducted on 17/10/2013.The Quiz program was exclusively conducted for S1S2 students.
3) MOCK PRESS conducted on 22/10/2013.In this event a Press Club environment was being arranged and this event was conducted as a part of student’s personality development.
EISA was inaugurated by Dr. Abraham T Mathew from NIT. The winners of ‘PROVISION 13’ were appreciated.
6) WEBSITE LAUNCH held on 1/12/13
7) E-BOOK DISTRIBUTION held on 5/12/13
8) GD CLUB INAUGRATION held on 14/1/14:
The GD CLUB was inaugurated by Dr. Abdul Hameed.
9)EISA SCHOLARSHIP distributed on 30/3/14 EISA Scholarship was awarded to meritorious students.
10) PRE-WORKSHOP SEMINAR conducted on 23/1/14 & 2/2/14
11) ROBOTICS WORSHOP conducted on 9/3/14
12)  M.T. Unnikrishnan, Associate Engineer KSEB Kozhikode  inaugurated EISA activities for the year 2016 -17 on 16th March 2016. This was followed by an expert talk on Managerial skills.



1) ASSOCIATION INAUGURATION on 24/1/14ECSA was inaugurated by Ms.SATHI DEVI, professor of NIT and a Technical talk on “CRYPTOGRAPHY” was delivered by Ms .SAHI DEVI. The meritorious candidates were being appreciated and awarded prizes.
2) TECHNICAL QUIZ on 24/1/14
3) TECHNICAL DEBATE held on 24/1/14
4) LOGO LAUNCH held on 24/1/14
5) Mr. Sukumaran, General Manager BSNL telecom Kozhikode inaugurated  the association activities for the year 2016-17 on 8th March 2016 and gave an expert lecture on Telecommunication Technologies Present and Future.



Department Advisory Committee

1. Prof.Dr.V.K.Govindan
Former Dean, NIT Calicut

2. Mr.Sukumaran
General Manager
BSNL Calicut

3. Mrs Rajeswary N S
Asst Executive Engineer
KSEB , Calicut.

4. Mr. Dheeraj Mohan P.
Founder and CEO
TOP GEAR Management Consultants
Akshaya Building, WestHill Calicut.

5. Prof. Rohit Ram T.

Assistant Professor, CAPE, Vadakara

6. Dr. Celine Mary Stuart (H.O.D)

7. Prof. Shajeemohan B.S.

8. Prof. Rishidas S.

9. Dr. Byjubai T.P.