The college functions on 5 days a week with 6 working hours per day. Class timing is from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Students are expected to be in the classroom 5 minutes before the commencement of the class, and leave only when the class is over. Attendance will be taken on hourly basis. Students are warned against loitering in the campus during working hours. Making noise inside the class and disturbing other classes will be viewed seriously. All students should wear the identify card inside the campus and should produce the same whenever asked for.


A staff advisory system has been adopted for mentoring the students. Two staff members will be in charge of one class/group. The group advisor keeps the records of all academic and extracurricular activities of the students. All matters academic and others pertaining to the students should be timely routed through the staff advisor for the attention of the authorities. Applications for leave, scholarships, certificates etc. are to be forwarded through the advisor. Parents can get details about their ward from the staff advisors and parents are advised to contact the advisor before meeting the Principal/Head of the Department for any purpose.


Duty Leave
The students are eligible to get duty leave for activities associated with the college. The duty leave has to be sanctioned by the Principal before the commencement of leave or latest by the day he/she comes back to the college. It is to be recommended by the staff member-in-charge of the activity. Staff advisor will record the number of duty leaves granted to individual students. The details of duty leave should be shown to the staff member concerned for recording attendance immediately on return from such leave. The total number of duty leave should not exceed 10% of the total working days in each semester. No late application will be entertained.

Medical/Other Leaves
The student should apply for the leave to the concerned Heads of the Department before they proceed on leave, or the day they come back after the leave. If the leave is on medical ground, a certificate from a registered medical practitioner not below the rank of an assistant surgeon should be produced. Leave sanctioned should be kept by the student and produced when required. No late application will be entertained.


Uniform is compulsory for workshop and some laboratory classes.
Workshop/lab: Navy Blue pants and shirt, shoes.

Warning against Ragging and the use of mobile phones

Ragging in any form is an uncivilized act and hence is strictly prohibited in the campus, in the hostel room or in the premises. Students are warned against the following consequences of ragging:
1. As ragging is a non-bailable criminal offence under Kerala Police Act, Police can arrest the offender and put him in jail. In such cases, Police can act without the consent of college authorities.
2. College authorities are bound to report ragging incidents (if any) to the local police.
Use of mobile phones is strictly banned in the campus as per govt. of Kerala circular No. 3011/K3/09/H. Edn. Carrying mobile phones to examination halls are strictly prohibited and punishable crime even if it is switched off.