Welcome to Mechanical Engineering Department

The Department offers academic programs leading to B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering and M. Tech in Energy System Analysis and Design. The Department has 16 Permanent faculty members, 270 UG students and 36 PG students. The faculty members are specialized in Mechanical Engineering Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Thermal & Fluids Engineering.

The academic activities are supported by Production, Fluid Mechanics and Machinery, CAD/CAM, Measurement and Instrumentation and Thermal laboratory. The faculty has been active in offering consultancy services to industries and conducting and attending courses regularly to facilitate the continuing education.

An inspiring centre to educate the youth towards technical and professional brilliance.
    • Nurture youth to excel in academics and innovative research.
    • Develop professionals to meet industrial and societal challenges.
    • Involve in the progress of the nation through advanced and sustainable technologies.
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering:  Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO – 1

To develop graduates with sound technical competency.

PEO – 2

To inculcate life-long learning and high employability skills.

PEO – 3

To establish research and development facilities to promote innovations.

PEO – 4

To generate the spirit of entrepreneurship to create future employers.

PEO – 5

To promote leadership qualities so as to work and succeed in diverse domains.

B.Tech – Mechanical Engineering: Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)

Development of Add-on Skills

Promote Industry Institute Interaction

Foster Research skills



Dr. Shaji K.
Ph D, M. Tech.
E-mail: shajikur@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Heat Transfer
 Professor Shaji
Dr. Sajith P. P.
Ph D, M. Tech.
E-mail: sajithmech@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Heat Transfer, Thermal Hydraulics
Professor and Head Sajith
Dr. Sreejith B.
Ph D, M. Tech., MBA
E-mail: sreejith@geckkd.ac.in
Areas of Interest: Operations Management, Reliability Engineering,
Maintenance Engineering and Management
Associate Professor Sreejith
Dr. Anirudhan P.
Ph D, M. Tech.
E-mail: anirudhanp@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Materials Engineering, Tribology
Professor Anirudhan_Photo
Dr. Sandhya M.
Ph D, M. Tech.
E-mail: sandhyamiraj@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Thermal Engineering,
Energy Management, CFD
Associate Professor  Sandhya M
Dr. Pradeep V.
Ph D, M. Tech.
E-mail: pradeepv25@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Heat Transfer, IC Engines
Associate Professor Pradeep
Dr Sajith Babu C
Ph D,M.Tech
Email: babusajith@gmail.com
Areas of Interest:Mechanical and Mettalurgical Characterization of materials,Nano Crystalline Materials
 AssociateProfessor  page0001
Dr. Jesseela S.
Ph D, M. Tech.
E-mail: jessyhamza@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Heat Transfer
Associate Professor  Photo Jesseela
Prof. Sajeeb A. M.
MBA, M. Tech.
E-mail: sajeebamas@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Mechanical Engineering Design, Nano Tribology
Assistant Professor  Sajeeb
Dr. Saijal K. K.
M. Tech.
E-mail: saijalkk@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Mechanical Engineering Design, Aerospace Engineering
Assistant Professor Saijal
Prof. Prajeeth Kumar K. P.
M. Tech.
E-mail: prajeethkkp@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Manufacturing Engineering
Assistant Professor Prajeeth
 Dr Manu V Thottackad
Ph D,M.Tech
Areas of Interest :Nano Tribology
 Assistant Professor  WhatsApp Image 2019-09-30 at 10.02.26 AM
Dr.Jithesh P. K.
Ph D, M. Tech.
Areas of Interest :Energy Technologies
Personal Website
Assistant Professor  Dr Jithesh PK
Prof.Nidhin Sreedas E.
M. Tech.,
Areas of Interest : Industrial Engineering, Fluid Mechanics
Assistant Professor  NIDHIN SREEDAS PIC
Prof . Arun Shal U B.
M. Tech.
E-mail: shal.arun@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Fluids Engineering
Assistant Professor arunshal
Prof.Jithu C. John
E-mail: jithucjohn@gmail.com
Areas of Interest:
Assistant Professor Jithu

Prof Akhil Varghese 

E-mail :Akhilvarghese993@gmail.com
Areas of Interest :Energy Engineering and Mangement
Assistant Professor  Akhil NEW
Prof Ashita K B
Areas of Interest:Fluid Mechanics
 AssistantProfessor  ashita_kb_photo
Prof Sai Krishna
Areas of Interest : Additive Manufacturing
 AssistantProfessor  Passport Photo

Technical Staff


 Sri Balakrishnan N   Instructor Gr. I  balakrishnan
Sri Rajeev K.C Instructor Gr II  Rajeev K C
 Sri Aboobacker Madathil Trade Instructor/Fitting  Aboobackar Madathil
Sri Santhosh Kumar M Trade Instructor /Plumbing  IMG_20190919_161530
Sri Abdul Basheer V.P. Trade Instructor Gr. I/Smithy  Abdul Basheer
Sri Sajeevan K M Trade Instructor/Turning  Sajeevan k m
Sri  Sujith C.M. Trade Instructor/Sheet Metal   Sujith C M
Sri Vinod B Trade Instructor/Carpentry  vinod
Sri Santhosh Kumar K G Trade Instructor/Machinist    santhoshkumar
Sri V Balachandran Trade Instructor/Welding   Balachandran
Sri Romith Lincoln Tradesman /Sheet Metal  romith
Sri Sreeresh M Tradesman /Carpentry  sreeresh
Sri Pramod K Tradesman /Welding  Pramod K
Sri Ratheesh S Tradesman/Plumbing  Ratheesh
Sri Dinesh V Tradesman/Fitting  Dinesh
Sri Shibi K M Tradesman/Smithy  Shibi
Sri Vishnuprasad V P Tradesman/R& AC  vishnuprasad
Sri Aswand K M Tradesman /Diesel Mechanic  ASWAND
Sri Amarnath H V Tradesman /Turning  Amarnath
Sri Pratheesh V M Tradesman /CAD Lab  Pratheesh K D
Sri Sabeesh K D Tradesman /Foundry  Sabeesh K D
Sri Akshay Das N Tradesman /Instrumentation  Akshay Das


List of equipments


Single phase welding machine 02 nos


Pillar type drilling machine 01 nos

Power hack saw


Circular saw 01 nos

Wood turning lathe 01 nos


Hand shear cutting machine 01 nos


List of equipments

  1. Lathe machine 10 nos
  2. Slotter machine 04 nos
  3. Shaper machine 04 nos
  4. Universal milling machine 02 nos
  5. Radial drilling machine 02 nos
  6. Pillar type drilling machine 01 nos
  7. Power hack saw 01 nos


List of equipments

  1. Reciprocating pump test rig
  2. Gear pump test rig
  3. Impact of jet apparatus rig
  4. Hydraulic ram test rig
  5. Francis turbine test rig
  6. Pelton turbine test rig
  7. Centrifugal pump test rig (single stage)
  8. Centrifugal pump test rig (multi stage)
  9. Torque converter test rig
  10. Kaplan turbine test rig
  11. Open circuit venture meter calibration set up
  12. Open circuit orifice meter calibration setup
  13. Open circuit Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus
  14. Open circuit Reynolds’s theorem apparatus
  15. Open circuit friction pipe apparatus
  16. Open circuit apparatus for minor losses in pipes
  17. Triangular and rectangular notch calibration apparatus
  18. Open circuit apparatus determining hydraulic co-efficients of mouth pieces, orifice, and nozzle
  19. Metacentric height apparatus
Major Equipments
Biomass Gasifier



Wear Tester


NDT Equipment



Major Software
  • Catia Software
  • ProE Software


Yaanthrik 15

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  • Placement cell training for final year Mechanical students on 17-18 Sep 2019