• Tender No.P1/10/17-18
    Items        : Components for various labs in AE&I Engg. Dept. Notice | Specification
    Last Date : 07/08/2017
  • Chemicals for Chemical Engineering Department and Applied Science Department (Quotation No.: P2/07/2017-18, Last Date: 13.07.2017  4 pm) Notice


  • Microprocessor based bomb calorimeter for Thermal Lab of ME Dept (E tender ID       – 2017_DTE_137760_1, Last Date         – 23/08/2017) Notice | Specification
  • Equipments for Chemical Reaction Engg Lab of Chemical Engineering Department (E-tender ID      – 2017_DTE_137705_1, Last Date        – 21/08/2017 3 p.m.) Notice | Specification
  • Equipments for Process Control Lab of Chemical Engineering Departmen t(E-tender ID  –  2017_DTE_138120_1,  Last Date    –  23/08/2017 3 p.m.) Notice | Specification
  • Equipments for Process Control & Instrumentation Lab and Industrial Instrumentation Lab of AE & I Engineering Department (E- Tender Id: 2017_DTE_129751_1, Last Date :18/07/2017Notice | Specification
  • Equipment for PE Lab and EC Lab of AE & I Engineering Department (P1/08/2017-18 Last Date: 18/07/2017) Notice | Specification
  • Purchase of Trainer Kits for Micro Processor Lab  of AE & I Engineering Department (P1/07/2017-18 Last Date: 15/07/2017) Notice | Specification
  • Equipment for Mass Transfer Lab of Chemical Department (P1/04/2017-18 Last Date: 10/07/2017) Notice | Specification
  • Purchase of Wooden furniture using treated rubber wood / rub wood for various departments  (P1/01/2017-18 Last Date: 07/07/2017) Notice | Date Corrigendum | Specification | Other Corrigendum
  • Purchase of Steel and Wooden furniture for various Departments (P1/02/2017-18 Last Date: 07/07/2017) Notice | Specifications | Date Corrigendum | Other Corrigendum


  • Purchase of Paint and Other Materials for Chem Engg and AEI Dept (File No.: P2/3166/2017, Last date: 07.08.2017   4 pm)Notice
  • Purchase of Digital Refractometer (File No.: P2/1631/2017, Last date: 17.07.2017 4 pm) Notice
  • Purchase of Pitot Tube Setup and Rotameter Setup(Quotation No.: P2/07/2017-18, Last Date:13.07.2017  4 pm) Notice
  • Purchase of Tools for Project lab of Mechanical Engineering Department (P2/09/2017-18 Last Date: 03/07/2017) Notice