Ested: 1999 by Govt. of Kerala | CEE ID: KKE | GST NO: 32AAA GG0608 R1ZG. 


Electronic Circuits Lab

This electronic circuits lab has digital storage oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, signal generator, power supply, CRO and PC. This covers wide range of analysis in the fields of analog circuits as well as analog integrated circuits. It enriches the basic idea in circuit design and analysis.

Lab in charge:

Faculty: Mrs. Bindima T

Technical Staff: Mr. Rajesh C

Details of Labs conducted:



Electronics Workshop

The Electronic workshop aims at imparting the students of various departments with the basic ideas in electronics engineering. The electronic workshop gives the opportunity to know the basic electronic devices, tools, equipment and instruments used in electronics engineering. The lab enables the student to learn the basics and to develop, test, and fabricate electronic circuits.

Lab in charge:

Faculty: Mr. Abdul Jaleel N T

Technical Staff: Mr. Shahul Hameed

Details of Labs conducted:

Electrical Workshop

The Electrical workshop aims at imparting the students of various departments with the basic ideas in electrical and electronics engineering. The electrical workshop is equipped with types of circuit breakers, switches, meters and tools to learn different types of electrical wiring.

Lab in charge:

Faculty: Mrs. Priyaja K V

Technical Staff:Mr. Sebi Augustin

Details of Labs conducted:

Digital Electronics Lab

The lab provides the facilities to conduct digital systems experiments. The major equipment in the lab are FPGA kits, Desktops, IC trainer kits, and different types of digital ICs. The students can perform digital lab experiments using ICs or write the HDL codes and prototype on an FPGA.

Lab in charge:

Faculty: Mr. Jithesh C P

Technical Staff: Mrs. Sudha T

Details of Labs conducted:

MicroController Lab

The lab consists of different embedded development platforms for conducting different microcontrollers, FPGAs and embedded system-related lab sessions. The lab is equipped with microprocessor development kits like 8086, 8085, etc., and microcontroller kits of 8051 and other embedded kits. The debugging and development of algorithms can be done using the desktops in the lab. Students also can learn interfacing of different components like Analog to Digital controller (ADC), Digital to Analog converters, Stepper motor, etc.

Research Lab

The research lab provides top-edge computing facility and network connectivity for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the department. The students utilize the different embedded and DSP hardware and Matlab campus license for their research activities for developing projects/ researches in the areas of digital signal processing, image processing etc.

Project Lab

Project lab is completely dedicated to the student’s project work and research work. The students are allowed to work based on their convenient time during working hours. The quality project models of passed-out students are kept in the lab to motivate the students to do good projects. This lab is equipped with 10 computers with internet facility. Students can utilize these systems for literature review and other academic assignments.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

The lab provides facilities to conduct simulation and hardware experiments in signal processing for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The lab is equipped with desktops with Code Composer Studio (CCS) IDE. DSP hardware like TMS 320 C6xxx is also provided.

Process control and Instrumentation Lab

The lab has enough facilities to conduct experiments to measure various parameters like pressure, level, temperature, flow etc. It is equipped with various equipment like PLC trainer, transduers, bridges and load cells. It has various controllers, control valves as well as process control instruments.