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Central Computing Facility

Apart from sufficient computing facilities in each department, the college has a central computing facility with PC workstations. The CCF is equipped with over 75 Client machines, Server Class Machines, High Speed LAN, Cisco Router etc. Students shall get ample of opportunities to develop their knowledge in the field of information technology and skills in UNIX like environment and software development. A leased line connects the CCF to the internet. The centre offers free internet connectivity to the students and faculty members.


Central Computing Facility (CCF) is a fully air-conditioned Internet computer lab for the staff and students of this college. CCF is maintaining and managing the campus networking and Internet Facility. CCF is equipped with around 65 desktop systems and 3 printers for general purpose browsing and placement examination support. It has been supported with 1000 Mbps (1Gbps) broadband internet connectivity and 40 Mbps backup Internet connection. Installation and maintenance of Wired and Wireless network in the campus is supported by CCF . Wi-Fi internet connectivity is extended to ladies hostel too.



Associate Professor

(CCF Faculty In-charge )


System Analyst

(CCF Coordinator)


Computer Programmer

(CCF Assi. Coordinator )



( CCF Supporting Staff)


Access to the college network and internet connectivity is restricted through a user level authentication system. The authentication credentials will be available at CCF. Students are requested to apply for the same through their staff advisor.


CCF Computer lab is open for browsing from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM on all week days. Major online journals site such as IEEE, Sciencedirect, ACM, ASCE & ASME are freely available for access in CCF.


CCF having a SOPHOS Firewall ( SOPHOS XG 310 ) ,Cisco Core Switch (Catalyst 3850 24 S ) , Cisco Wi-Fi Controller (Cisco 2500 Series ) and 25 Cisco edge switches (SG 300 ) which are used to provide Internet security and also mange wired and wireless network.


Staff and students of the institution can avail the Wi-Fi Internet facility throughout the campus @ 24 hours. Wi-Fi access is restricted by applying MAC address registration of individual devices.

Online Examination and Training

CCF computer lab has 65 Core i3/ Core i5/ Core i7 computers. All the systems having both Linux and Windows Operating system and all are fully networked and managed. This lab is utilized for conducting placement and other online examination and for hand-on training programmes. Our college is an Authorised online examination centre for GATE,NTA, Bank Exams and NSEIT Examinations.

KTU Mark Entry support

CCF provides full support for centralized mark entry process of Kerala Technological University.

College mail id

Faculty, staff and students can avail mail id in college domain. Students are requested to apply for the same through their staff advisor

Technical Support to external agencies.

CCF is now providing technical support to Kerala Police Academy and various Cooperative Societies for their IT related works.

Technical Support

CCF is always ready for providing Technical support in IT related matters. Requests, complaints and suggestion may please send to [email protected]