Ested: 1999 by Govt. of Kerala | CEE ID: KKE | GST NO: 32AAA GG0608 R1ZG. 


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University Examination Committee
Name Charges Department
Dr. Baburaj Chief Superintendent AE&I Engineering
Dr. Jayakumar M Asst. Superintendent Applied Science
Prof. Dileep Kumar P G Member Civil Engineering
Dr. Anjana R Member Chemical Engineering
rof. Foud E Mhd. Abdulla Member Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Reshmi Bhooshan Member AE&I Engineering

University Examination and Internal Examination Squad
Name Charges Departments
Dr. V.N. Mohammed Convener Applied Science
All HODs Members All Departments

Internal Examination Cell
Name Charges Department
Prof. Francis J Emmatty Convenor Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Babitha P nair Member AE&I Engineering
Prof. Raji Karuna Member Civil Engineering
Prof. Aswathy G Member AE&I Engineering
Dr. Rojisha V C Member Applied Science
Prof. Dhaneesh K P Member Chemical Engineering