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General Discipline

The college functions on 5 days a week with 6 working hours per day. Class timing is from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Students are expected to be in the classroom 5 minutes before the commencement of the class, and leave only when the class is over. Attendance will be taken on hourly basis.
In accordance with the direction of the Honorable High Court of Kerala in R.P.No.435/2003 all the universities and educational institutions in Kerala are required to lay down appropriate rules and regulations which will be binding on all the students studying there in order to ensure disciplined conduct on campus. This code of conduct formulated by the Academic Council shall be applicable to all students admitted to any academic program of Government Engineering College Kozhikode. Each student of this institution is expected to become acquainted with the provisions of this code. A student admitted to any academic program of the college is required to give an undertaking to the effect that he/she will strictly adhere to all provisions of this code. It is presumed that every student from the date of his/her admission to any academic program of the college is aware of this code. The provisions of this code have been laid down with a view to ensure an atmosphere conducive to the proper functioning of the institution and to maintain a high standard of student discipline andacademic excellence. Inherent in this endeavor is the responsibility of the institution to educate its students to be responsible, civic minded citizens. The Academic Council of the college shall have the authority to amend any provisions of this code, as deemed necessary, from time to time.

Responsibilities of Student

1. To respect the law of the country, human rights, and the social and cultural values nurtured and followed by our society.

2.To avail all educational opportunities and benefits provided by the college to prosper academically and to discharge his/ her social responsibilities in tune with the vision and mission of the institution.

3. To foster and maintain a peaceful and enriching academic environment within the campus.

4. To conduct himself/herself in a manner befitting the status of a student of an institution of higher learning.

5. To be properly and neatly dressed within the campus, to follow the dress code in situations where it is explicitly specified, and to help in keeping the campus premises neat and clean.

6. To wear properly the identitycard issued by the college while inside the campus or when representing the institution elsewhere.

7. To keep oneself fully aware of the letter and spirit of this Code of Conduct, and to bring any violations of the Code to the notice of the college authorities.

Grounds for Disciplinary Proceedings

Any act in violation of the responsibilities outlined in Section 2.5.1 constitutes sufficient grounds for disciplinary proceedings.

1. Any act that causes or is intended to cause physical or psychological stress or harm to any person.

2. Any conduct that causes unauthorized removal, destruction or damage of property either owned by or under the custody of the institution, or such acts on the property of others within the campus premises or at events organized/sponsored by the institution or when representing the institution.

3. Disorderly, indecent and obscene conduct within the campus premises or at events organized/ sponsored by the institution or when representing the institution.

4. Obstructing or disrupting the educational process by unauthorized entry into a class room or by causing disturbance from outside while a class/program is in session.

5. Leaving a class while it is in session without obtaining permission from the teacher.

6. Organizing or attending any demonstration or meeting, distributing notices and collecting money for any activity for which prior permission from the Principal has not been obtained.

7. Display of banners, posters, flags, or notices except at places permitted for the same by the principal

8. Disfiguring the property of the college and the campus premises with graffiti, bills or engravings, and display of obscene or offensive material.

9. Unlawful obstruction or confinement of any studen to rofficial of the institution.

10. Possessing, using, distributing or being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or other controlled substances and possession of any kind of weapon while within the campus or at events organized/sponsored by the institution or when representing the institution.

11. Making comments which reflect gender-bias, or use of phones, e- mails or other forms of communication to transmit material or sexually explicit nature, or engaging in any activity which constitutes sexual harassment.

12. Organizing or taking part in skits, dances, dramas or any other programs which defame / insult students or staff members.

13. Use of social media to defame/harass any student or staff member of the institution.

14. Sitting on the main entrances and staircases of the building.

15. Committing malpractice during examinations, or engaging in any activity which violates the spirit and seriousness of examinations.

16. Using mobile phones inside the classroom and using camera/ mobile camera inside the campus (in-accordance with the judgment of the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala and relevant Government orders)

17. Rash or negligent driving within the campus, or bringing vehicles into areas other than those permitted for vehicles of students, or negligent parking of vehicles causing obstruction/ disturbances to others or in violation of stipulated parking areas for students.

18. Academic malpractices like plagiarism, tampering with records, obtaining and distributing all or a part of any question paper etc.

19. Disrupting the academic ambience and tranquility of the institution by creating any disturbing noise on any pretext including celebration of birthday, festivals etc. Using musical instruments and loud speakers without permission of the Principal.

20. Any other conduct which violates any of the responsibilities outlined in Section 2.5.