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Research Programmes

Name Charges Designation Department Email id
Dr.Manju M. S.

Dean Research /

Centre of Excellence Coordinator

Professor Chemical Engg. [email protected]


List of Ph.D Scholars in AE& I Department
Sl No Name of the Scholar Registration Number Year of Registration Name of the Guide
1 Baburaj K V 2020 Dr. Shajee Mohan B S
2 Latha K N 2021 Dr. Shajee Mohan B S
3 Prakarsha C D-KKE21JAN001 2021 Dr. Shajee Mohan B S
4 Binsi B D-KKE21JAN005 2021 Dr. Bindima T
5 Jayasree T C D-KKE21JAN002 2021 Dr. Bindima T
6 Shahana T D-KKE21JAN008 2021 Dr. Bindima T
7 Babitha Nair B D-KKE21JAN007 2021 Dr. Baburaj M
8 Priyanka P D-KKE21JAN003 2021 Dr. Baburaj M
9 Sythalakshmi C S D-KKE21JAN001 2021 Dr. Baburaj M
10 Saji Justus D-KKE21JAN001 2021 Dr. Baburaj P
GEC Waynad
11 Jasmine P 2022 Dr. Saritha M